Set up and Manage your Workplace Pension Plan.

Data-Science-based information. Automatic filling. Take your time back.


A step-by-step guide to pensions.


Done once. Done right.

Providing a workplace auto-enrollment pension scheme is a legal requirement.

Sift through your employees data to figure out who should be auto-enrolled.

Our tool will guide you into assessing your workforce, easily.

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Data Science

At your fingertips

SolidSteps Engine does all the heavy lifting when it comes to providing information on the most appropriate pension providers for you.

It analyses ALL pension plans in the UK.

It creates a risk profile for each employee and informs them on how different funds might benefit them.

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One Platform

HR Software, Payroll, Pension Provider.

Choose your HR and Payroll Software.

Add your Pension Provider. Relax.

Our platform creates a seamless communication between your preferred tools. Pay your employees, inform your pension provider with latest changes and keep your employee management software up-to-date. All in one place.

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